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Travel photography has always been where my passion lies, and Journey's Eye Photography was born out of a desire to share that passion with others. Taking travel photographs means looking through my lens and seeing the world as pieces of art - with its colors, people, history and cultures blending together to capture the essence of a place. I love making this big world a little smaller by getting to know its places and people and introducing them to others.

My love affair with photography began when I was a young girl and would trail behind my father as he photographed nature scenes on our family travels. I would be right beside him "taking" pictures with my fake camera. I eventually studied photography in America and London, England and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Photography. I have since spent time working in photography, communications and graphic design. Currently, when I’m not photographing and traveling, I spend my days writing and designing for a non-profit organization.

My faith, family and friends are what I value most.  I am so blessed with the life God has given me!

To celebrate the world and help make it better in the process, a portion of each sale from the Journey's Eye Print Shop will go towards helping those in need.

I hope my photographs bring you joy as they remind you of the places you love or long to be!