The Farm

Posted on by Angela Kauffman

One of my favorite places to take pictures has always been my family's old farm.  The old farmhouse there stood for over 150 years, being built sometime in the 1860s. It was filled with many of my family members, including my great-grandparents and my grandma. I love hearing stories from my grandma about what life was like growing up on the farm in the 1920s and 30s. From Christmases around the freshly cut cedar tree to the ‘unsettling’ farmhand who occupied a room upstairs, this house is full of memories. As time moved on, so did the house's residents – leaving the house to sit empty for several years. Time took a toll on the old wooden house, and it was recently torn down. The house may no longer be standing, but the memories of our beloved “farm” will stand for many years to come.

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